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Dot COM.PK is a second level suffix, Pakistan based country code which can be registered by individuals and corporate sector, anyone in the world as there is no restrictions for processing and ordering it. PKNIC is a semi-governmental institution who has the authority to directly book it though there are number of authorized agents who are taking part to enhance their business and promoting this extension. PKDOMAINS is a prime Pakistan based company who started operating all Pak based country codes to register and officially selling online for worldwide customers. We have various pricing tiers for different PKNIC domain name extensions as per their classification and definition done by PK registry. Our company will always live in a fair business with trusted mark of excellence in the shape of only award holder issued by PKNIC registry. In other words, you can rely on us for registration of any kind of Pakistani web names like many others. We are the foremost PK registrar, applying best corporate techniques to offer maximized online domain buying experience along with well trained staff who is always ready to serve any kind of query. As all know that we are SRS member and well-reputed PKNIC reseller, so at the same time our portal is available for booking any worldly generic tlds, ccTlds or newly proposed extensions.

.COM.PK Domain Search

To check the availability or to find your much needed domain name, use below tool to get updated whois results. If it will be available, you can proceed towards its booking otherwise you will be alerted with some other useful extensions to secure one as per your secondary options. Hopefully, this com.pk search bar will help you to reach the name you always wanted or at least narrow down your search criteria. You should feel free to contact us if you are unsure how to start with, our team will guide you through all steps which will help you in obtaining and having your web project online.

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Usually, most of people like to buy .pk extensions for their website projects in Pakistan but there are many multinational companies, organization and businesses who prefer to go on with a .com.pk domain extensions. There are many providers in web industry, who purvey .com.pk in different price than .pk but we are not in such business, keep only a little margin and offer cheapest .com.pk suffix, available for registration to everyone without any restriction. You can enjoy our current running promotions and grab it in just PKR.2239 for 2 years. You should be pleased and full of harmony to know that you are at the great place to secure your brand new company website name with most common PKNIC commercial extension .COM.PK in the lowest possible rates on internet. We offer guaranteed necessary and all packed services to manage your domain registered with us which are proposed by PK Registry so that you can manage it without the influence and interaction of any third party. You will find us your best companions when you will be in need of Pakistan originated suffix for less money consumption.

PK Domain Name Registration
PK Domain whois lookup
com.pk Domain Registration
Extension Usage Restriction Privacy Price
.PK Individuals or Companies No PKNIC Default PKR.2239
.COM.PK Companies or Corporate Sector No PKNIC Default PKR.2239
NET.PK Networking and ISPs No PKNIC Default PKR.2239
.ORG.PK Organizations No PKNIC Default PKR.2239
BIZ.PK For businesses in Pakistan No PKNIC Default PKR.2239
.EDU.PK Pakistani School, Colleges and Universities Yes / DOCs required PKNIC Default PKR.2899
.WEB.PK Web related PK Sites No PKNIC Default PKR.2239
.GOV.PK Pakistan's federal Government Yes / DOCs required PKNIC Default PKR.2899
.GOP.PK Government of Punjab Province Yes / DOCs required PKNIC Default PKR.2899
.GOS.PK Government of Sindh Province Yes / DOCs required PKNIC Default PKR.2899
.GKP.PK Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province Yes / DOCs required PKNIC Default PKR.2899
.GOB.PK Government of Baluchistan Province Yes / DOCs required PKNIC Default PKR.2899
.GOG.PK Government of Gilgit Biltistan Province Yes / DOCs required PKNIC Default PKR.2899

Who Should Register Pakistani Domains

If you have a local business representation then it is important to keep a Pakistan domain name along with a generic extension if you have already otherwise PK suffix is must. Let us explain it for you. Now a days, users convenience is principal and necessary for online success so search engines admitted this fact and created their algorithm which put those online entities up which are available with .pk extensions on first place so all commerce industry or traders must consider it. Like USA educational suffix .edu, Pakistan has its own in the shape of .edu.pk. To keep the trust of Pakistan students, all educational institute must obtain and make their websites under this domain name. Same time, Pakistan’s Government made it necessary for all leveled departments whether those comes under federal Government of Provincial, to communicate with the world with their specific Govt based domain name.

Register Pakistani Domains
PK Domain Registration Process

Step by Step process of .com.pk Domain Name Registration

process for registering a Pakistan web name space is little different than other Tlds in a way, like you can buy directly from registry by sending them a cheque, they will add domains credit in your account and you can utilize it towards new booking or for renewing the current. Most subscribers are not using above methods but acquire their any .PK relevant tlds from an SRS member or reseller because these resellers are much prominent and offered different payment methods and even lowest prices than registry itself. In addition, the main factor is that PK registry does not provide much assistance whereas web-hosting companies, who sell these extensions, are cooperative and ambitious to help. Another way is to buy PKNIC prepaid card from any authorized PKNIC agent, load them up in your PKNIC account panel, top up with domains credit and use them for registering and renewing purpose. Above, we discussed about registering all non-restricted pk domain extensions but now let explain us how you can get restricted web names. Process is about the same but one who apply for such domain names will be asked by authorized agent to provide different documents in hard copy format like if the application is by an educational institute then applier must have to send registration/affiliation certificate copy, N.I.C of the head or director of institute and a written application on letterhead. In the same way, when a Governmental department will apply for registering a specific Government based domain name then they must have to provide N.I.C of current head or director of department along with the written application on the letter head of department.

Difference between .com and .com.pk

.com is the preliminary tld and the base of all today’s available web extensions. It is the most common generic suffix and is being used widely in huge numbers since its birth more than any other worldly tld and ccltld. People always like to buy and launch their projects under this dot. Though currently all common and even few complex names are booked against it but yet in today’s world, maximum number of websites are being launched using this generic ext. Now question arises: If this is the most valuable suffix then why one should go for others where there are 1000s of other extensions are available on internet like .com.pk which is currently in comparison with .com. The answer is simple; planet of internet is being advanced rapidly more than any other thing of universe. So such changes may be increasing and sometimes decreasing the importance and usability of various aspects. As we all know Google is the biggest giant of this field so as per google search engine optimization technique, google always recommend keyword based and country specific domain extensions for targeting a special region of buyers and viewers. That is why in today’s era, Pakistani nationality holders and foreigners who are aiming to do business in Pakistan, register .com.pk domains on their priority. Keep in mind com.pk is the 2nd level suffix offered by PKNIC registry which can be registered by anyone and there are no restrictions though fees are changed for local and international clients.

com vs com.pk

What people Inquire about dot com dot pk?

Who is Eligible for .com.pk registration?

Every human on this earth can get it with any kind of probation and restrictions.

How i can pay if i am abroad?

If you don’t reside in Pakistan and want it to get with your international contact address then you will use Paypal and credit cards to pay us.

Time frame after payment and order?

It usually take 1 minutes to 24 hours to us for processing a com.pk domain name registration after confirmation of payment and order.

How i can update Name servers?

You must have tp ask us through ticket system available in client area of through email for updating name servers and for other operations to be done against your reserved name with us.

Is it secure to register with us?

We are 11 years old company with top notch recognition, PKNIC registrar, serving 1000s of customers locally and internationally, have a great trust in the web hosting and domaining market of Pakistan so no need of hesitation and worry while doing business with us.

Do you offer other Pakistani and Common extensions?

Why not, as we are in this genre of business and most organized corporate company of Pakistan so we present about all top level and country level domains in lowest possible costs.

Is there any increase in renewal price?

Usually, we renewed in about same payment as you will pay first time but because we charge in Pakistani Rupee so upon increase in PKR. vs USD or for other reasons sometime, charges might be slightly vary from the price your paid at the time of reservation.

Can i buy web hosting along with booking a Domain?

Yes, of course, you will be asked to select a web hosting plan to attach with your ordering domain, it will be your will or consent to attach a package or you may complete your order without of it. But after ordering only a name, you can later on order for only hosting for that particular domain. You can even buy best Web hosting in Pakistan at any time for any domain whether you did register that from us or from elsewhere.

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